Thursday, June 21, 2012

My life since February

Rather than writing paragraphs about what I've been doing since February, I thought I'd share photos instead.  It seems to me that this is by far more stimulating.  Enjoy!

My antlers are finally done.
Amelia Earhart gets a makeover.
Meet Rodney.
Rodney dies.
A lovely feature in Charlene Choi's fashion blog HERE
Meret Oppenheim...I wrote 15 pages about her.
Rodney honored.
Car vandalised...
...the day before graduation.
Meet Albert and his skin.
Donuts at the beech on Tybee Island.
Ralph Lauren for $20 courtesy an estate sale.
Karla Deras for Roman Luxe.  I love this ring.
My lovely new employer.  :)
I'm having my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow morning due to an infection in one of them.

And so, my life for the last four months.  Once I am healed from my surgery (and alert and maybe not so puffy), I'll write some more.  I have a new swimsuit that I am excited to share as well as (possibly) some DIYs.

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