Friday, June 24, 2011

Look after me

Today, I joined my sisters and my grandmother for a shopping trip. It was a welcome distraction from the stresses of upcoming show and bill deadlines, not to mention the incredible stress that I've been feeling about not being able to land a summer job. My cash reserves are almost spent. Anyway, we went to lunch and then to Circle Center Mall. I bought a lovely shirt at Forever 21 (which I intend to share very soon). However, the highlight of the afternoon was visiting Anthropologie for the first time. I wasn't all that impressed by the clothes...I was a little disenchanted by the prices. What made it worthwhile was the little stuffed bunny they had there. We just recently had four baby bunnies that we had rescued from a dog die on us, and I'm still getting over the loss. I felt so much guilt about it, especially for the last one that died. His name was Also. This little bunny toy has brought some comfort. The thing that tugged at my heartstrings the most? The tag in the bunny's ear reads "My name is Bashful Bunny. Please look after me." I had to take him home.
Photos will come later.

Also, welcome. I appreciate your reading.
Also is on the left, Mr. Bitey is on the right.

Also the stuffed bunny.

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